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India’s Top Trusted Google TCRP Partner

With 91% Google acceptance rate and exclusive access to cutting-edge solutions

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Maximise Returns: Protect Your Content from Digital Piracy

Digital fingerprint-based automated takedowns where 99% of the pirated content is removed instantaneously, safeguarding your returns

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Say No to Fakes:
Combat Counterfeits
with Proactive Measures

Real-time technology intercept counterfeit goods, protecting brand and customers

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Preserve Your Brand
Integrity: Combat Fake
Accounts & Online Scams

Specialized team versed in platform-specific policies swiftly removes fraudulent accounts

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How safe do you think your digital assets are online?

As the world evolves deeper into digitalization, it’s crucial to keep your content safe from online piracy and other digital threats. That’s where we step in! At BLOCK X, our team of experts along with AI and Automation, battle together against piracy of content ensuring your creativity has a safe online experience. Since 2014, BLOCK X has evolved with the industry and the technologies. And today, we are a leading anti-piracy company in India, safeguarding film production houses, OTT platforms, Broadcasters, E-publications, Independent creators, Music labels, digital distributors, Ed-tech companies, and more.

So, kick back, relax and trust the legacy; let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best—creating brilliance!

Movies Protected
original works
Original Works Protected
Happy Clients

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Antipiracy of Online Content

Imagine pouring your heart and soul into creating a content online and Boom! You wake up to see pirated versions of it flooding the internet, taking away a lion’s share of your revenue. We at BLOCK X ensures the benefit of every view flows only to the creator.

Illegally reproducing or sharing copyrighted material without permission is a crime – It could be anything from music, movies, software, books, and other creative works. BLOCK X, with our advanced Detection Technology, AI and Automation, along with digital fingerprint-based takedowns in real-time, ensure your creativity and its returns remains only with you.

Antipiracy of Online Content

Counterfeit management

How many times have you fallen prey to websites that mimic authentic brands and sell fake products? Unauthorized replicas of genuine products, often of inferior quality, produced and sold under another party’s brand name without permission come under counterfeit management.

Right from regular monitoring of trademark databases to identify infringements, drafting and sending cease and desist letters to defaulters, representing clients in trademark-related lawsuits, coordinating with customs to seize counterfeit products at the port, collaborating with law enforcement agencies to prosecute counterfeiters and more, our team at BLOCK X takes care of it all.

Counterfeit management

Trademark Management

Ever encountered instances where a brand’s name or identity has been misused illegally damaging the original brand’s image and also the customer’s trust? Whether it’s through unauthorized websites, or misleading advertisements, the average consumer may not always recognize the difference between genuine and fraudulent representations of a brand. That’s why effective trademark management is crucial.

Our powerhouse legal team ensures, all your legal queries, every courtroom battle, and every claim for compensation and damages are met. We navigate through the loopholes of legal landscape, ensuring justice prevails and rights are protected.

Trademark Management

India’s Top Trusted Google TCRP Partner

We have an impressive 91% acceptance rate by Google

Only less than 200 organizations across the world have received this certification and we are humbled to be one among the top 0.4% entities worldwide to be Google’s TCRP Partner. Our success story with Google’s TCRP, underscores how our partnership has propelled us to outshine others, making us the torch bearer in protecting the digital integrity and fighting the anti-piracy battle.

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Industries We Serve

OTT Platforms

Protecting exclusive content rights and ensuring secure streaming experiences for subscribers.

Film Production Houses

Protecting exclusive content rights and ensuring secure streaming experiences for subscribers.


Ensuring copyright protection for broadcasted content and combating illegal retransmission.

Ed-tech Companies

Securing intellectual property rights for educational materials and preventing unauthorized sharing.


Protecting digital publications from piracy and unauthorized distribution.

Independant Creators

Safeguarding the creative works of independent artists from piracy and infringement.

Music Labels

Protecting musical compositions and recordings from unauthorized sharing and distribution

Digital Distributors

Ensuring the integrity of digital distribution channels and preventing piracy of digital content.

Our Partners

Since 2022, we have a proven legacy with 100% client retention which has become the backbone of our partnership bandwagon. Take a tour through our partners list who are BLOCK X-protected.

Cape of Good Films
Dream Warriors
Harika And Hassine
Hombale Films
Lighter Buddha
Madras Talkies
Neeru Bajwa
Passion Film Studios
Red Chillies
Red Giant
Seven Screen
Stone Bench
Trend Loud
UV Creations
Viacom 18
Wayfarer Film
Zee 5

Movies We’ve Collaborated With

While you enjoyed the theatre experience of these super-hits, we worked behind to protect their digital piracy. Take a sneak-peak through a few of the top movies that we worked with.

What our clients say​

Ohri Productions Pvt Ltd

Ohri Productions Pvt Ltd


The excellent work done by BLOCK X Team in protecting my Movie Blackia -2 from piracy is highly appreciated. Their team works day & night -24 hours to protect movies from antipiracy. great team and work done by their team

UV FIlms

UV Films

Guthlee ladoo

I like their approach towards finding the source of piracy and taking the source down to protect the Film from all mediums & formats of piracy rather than focusing on the ones that appear online. They are proactive in nature.

Lyca Productions

Lyca Productions Pvt Ltd

Lal Salaam & PS II

A huge thank you to the team for their continued dedication to protecting our movies. BLOCK X’s work in this area has been instrumental, and we appreciate their ongoing support. Working with BLOCK X is always a happy moment because we know it is all going to work perfect.

AGS Entertainment

AGS Entertainment

Conjuring Kannappan

The BLOCK X team is prompt, and their swift action, coupled with their outstanding work, prevented the widespread dissemination of pirate content.